“eHealth” – Gateway to your health solution

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There is a paradigm shift from 1960’s onward towards knowledge based societies. It is time to move from “Information for All” to “Information Literacy for All.

There is a wide variety of data that is presented by number of organizations. But this information is much generalized one or targeted to specific group only. India is located in the tropical region geographically and developing country economically, so its health information requirements are different from Western countries. Because of tropical location of India, the different set of diseases prevail here like Malaria, Cholera, Dysentery, Intestinal worms, Dengue fever, Schistosomiasis, eye related diseases etc. keeping these things in mind, it becomes even more important to follow a proper system for the compilation and presentation of health related information in a systematic way. While various initiatives of strengthening of health information systems are underway, challenges continue in terms of reliability, relevance, timeliness, harmonization as well as quality of information. Furthermore, extant published literature indicates that country’s healthcare indicators have an impact on the economic and social scene within that country.  A good health portal can provide health information in a better way which is essential for the human healthcare and to sustained economic and social development.

These health portals will help in making a  more fitter and stronger human body by the way of continuing research and subsequent development in order to share with people the essence of healthy living by the way of educating and awareness generation. For dipper penetration and better understanding of health portal, the use of health information in Pictorial, Video, graphics, 3D, multimedia view, multilingual base etc is enhanced. These portals will improve accessibility to authenticated health information from an Indian’s perspective and ensure smooth transition of societies into knowledge based societies. They can facilitate patient empowerment for self-care and health decision making and improve cost-efficiency by streamlining processes, reducing waiting times. These portals will become a health repository for our health needs as it provides information about various diseases, symptoms, drugs, supplements, tests and procedures.

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“eHealth” – Gateway to your health solution

There is a paradigm shift from 1960’s onward towards knowledge based societies. It is time to move from “Information for All” to “Information Literacy for All.

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