62nd Republic Day celebrations

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India has celebrated its 62nd Republic Day. It is the day when we celebrate the establishment of free India as a republic following the ideology of justice and equality.

On this day, we recall the memories of sacrifices done by our freedom fighters to achieve this freedom.

Normally, it is believed that it is the time to introspect our progress in different fields and where we are lacking behind.

We are steadily maintaining a good economic growth which is bringing cheers in the life of more people. But we should keep in mind that our pledge to empower the poor and the marginalized sections of our population is still needed to be fulfilled and we have to make them part of our growth story.

I extend my warmest greetings to all of you across the country and also to those living abroad. I convey my special greetings to the members of our Armed Forces and Para-Military Forces, who guard our frontiers and to our internal security forces. I also compliment every citizen from every walk of life for contributing to the process of nation-building.

26th January is a very significant date in our nation's calendar, when we celebrate the establishment of free India as a Republic based on the ideology of justice and equality. It is a day when we recall with gratitude the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and the work of our Founding Fathers, for giving to us a country where our dignity and individual freedoms are guaranteed by an enlightened Constitution. It must also be an occasion when we rededicate ourselves to maintaining harmony, peace and brotherhood. Most of all, it is a time to introspect about how we have fared so far, and in which direction are we moving.

For our achievements, the foremost credit goes to the drive and the dedicated hard work of millions of men and women of our country. We are witness to the increasing influence of India and its steady economic growth that has brought prosperity to an increasing number of people. We can be proud of our successes, but there are many significant tasks that are yet to be accomplished, in particular the pledge to empower the poor and the marginalized sections of our population so that they too can become a part of the growth story of our nation.

We are fortunate that we are the inheritors of the ideals and values of one of the world's oldest civilizations, which has bequeathed to us a rich treasure of human experiences and thought. The concept of the human race being one, the importance of living in harmony with each other and with nature, the quest for knowledge and truth, find prominence in our age old culture. These ideas provided inspiration for our freedom movement and after our independence found a ready resonance in our Constitution. As citizens of this country each one of us, therefore, has a duty and a responsibility to demonstrate, that these principles have given to us the motivation and the strength to build our great nation.

It is, however, a fact that there can be no society which does not need to evolve to cope with the changing demands of time; and there can be no nation which does not face challenges. India too has its share of problems and obstacles, constraints and difficulties. We cannot evade these or wish them away, but working in different fields, we must together find solutions.


The strength of a nation is not determined by the challenges it faces, but by its responses to these challenges, especially so when it stands at a critical juncture and at a decisive point. What we do in this coming decade in terms of leveraging our advantages and addressing our shortcomings, will shape the destiny of the nation. Wherever course correction is required, it must be undertaken unhesitatingly and with urgency. There should be national consensus on critical national goals. Among such goals, eradication of poverty, empowerment of women, access to quality education and affordable health facilities are essential for building human resources. Apart from this, civic discipline, the readiness of people to work with dedication and integrity can make an enormously positive impact.



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