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With the invention of different technologies like LED, LCD, Plasma and 3D TVs, the TV world has become very exciting. At the same time, a lot of confusion has been created in the customers mind about it that which technology is better and will be more ‘Paisa Vasool’.

The big names like Sony, LG and Samsung are attracting our attention through their big starrer ads for their new glittering TV products. It has become very important for the customers to know the facts about these technologies before spending their big bucks.


Now a days, Plasma is believed a little lagging behind technology which is based on electric current being made to pass through neutral gases to produce colour and as a result, images. These gases are rapt between two plates of glasses and offer very bright and crisp images even on a large screen surface.

Although, Plasma TV has the advantage of providing great quality for the fast-moving videos and is perfect choice for watching sports and movies.

LCD is based on liquid crystals which can arrange and re-arrange themselves in response to an electric current. These crystals act as a shutter which can allow light to pass through or block the incoming light.

LCD uses fluorescent bulbs known as CCFLs (Cold cathode fluorescent lamps) as a source of backlight. One LCD panel constitutes millions of such liquid crystals arranged in a grid to let a backlight through and create images.

LED TVs use a panel of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) instead of using CCFL bulbs. So in one way, LED TVS are an improvement on the existing LCD TV technology and are not totally a brand new technology. Therefore, LED TVs are in fact just another kind of LCD displays.

LED provides an improved on screen contrast as LCD has the capacity to dim locally and allow the screen to show both light and dark details at the same time.

LED TVs are extremely sleek and space efficient as their thickness can be as little as 7-8 millimetres whereas the thickness of the LCD can be anywhere between 6-inches to about 2inches.

For the living room requirement, one should go for large size LED TV to have a home theatre feeling and an option of Full HD or even 3D capabilities. LED is the latest technology in TVs loaded with exciting features and impressive results. 



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