Global Warming – A more cohesive approach needed

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In the year 2010, summer temperatures in central Asia and particularly in Russia were on a higher side approximately 7.8C above average for a whole month. Floods in Pakistan had affected more than 20 million people. Ice cover areas in many South American countries are retreating at a great unexpected rate which is affecting even their livelihood. Many more such observations were observed in the year 2010 and it is indicated that the year 2010 seems to be hotter year.

Recent vast scale devastating floods in Australia’s Queensland province in January 2011 also seems a result of global climatic changes.

The world have to understand that due to climatic changes, a large number of people have to adapt the major climatic changes to survive. Delegates of 193 countries participated in the Cancun meet; Mexico seems agreed to come up with some agreement to avoid the approaching natural hazards in the future. We need to think beyond their national boundaries and personal interests to work for the humanity. Timely taken steps may help us in averting a few of approaching disasters.

As the recession hit developed countries haven’t fulfilled their promise of giving $30 billion funding help, the developing courtiers have to come up with some plans to reduce their emissions. Both developed and developing nations falls short of target in terms of concrete, far-reaching solutions on the critical issues in global climate governance. India has to cut at least 20 per cent in carbon emission intensity by 2020. To achieve this target and to improve the quality of life for the people, India has to adopt the green infrastructure at a faster pace.

It will be a tough task to decide on how to collect and allocate the collected funds to help the poor countries to fight the challenges. A way has to be carved out to make available the green technologies to these needy nations. Tropical forests are under devastating effects which are very important to sustain the ecological balance.

USA and China need to short their differences to reach on some consensus which can help in achieving long term climatic goals. Development should not be done at the cost of the climate. A little amount spent today to check global warming, can help us in saving huge amounts which we have to spend in the future.

As the developed countries have remained main polluters from a long time, so their role is due, to be played in a big way to save the planet. At the same time, developing countries also need to adopt green technologies at a wider scale and make their citizens more aware and responsible ones.



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