Police punished – Drunken Drivers on New Year Eve

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Liquor sale is on high on the New Year celebration. The consumption figures of liquor have reached on the all time high consumption levels. This development has created a big headache for the traffic police. Drinking and driving has been mixed up by a large number of people. 

A large amount of people have been challaned indifferent cities across the country. The Delhi police conducted a special drive to check drunken driving on the New Year eve in the city. They prosecuted 484 persons for various traffic offences last night. A majority of those cases (388) were booked for drunken driving.


In the same way, figures of traffic violation and drunken drive are very high in Mumbai also. A total of 860 offenders of drunken drivers are booked on the single night of New Year eve while the figure for normal day is 100 only.

Although, the police has taken a series of steps to convey the message against drinking and driving but the upsetting figures indicate that more steps needed to be taken to sensitize the public against the menace.

In many other cities also, a large number of drunken driving cases registered. Different punishments like fine or license cancellation or imprisonment of all of them together are issued against the offenders.

It shows that people have become more roody and moody in their New Year celebrations. These offenders don’t take care of rules and regulations in their celebrations. Traffic police’s move to punish them seems justifiable as it looks the only way to teach them a lesson.

Officials felt that more manpower is required on the spot to punish all the offenders. Traffic police need to come up with more stringent laws so that the offenders think twice before committing a violation of any rule.



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