Many good news from Indian Census 2011 data but few things ignored

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The decadal census of India has released its data for the 2001-2011 decades data. These data show improvement in many area but it also seems that Indians ignore spending on the sanitation sector instead prefer to spend on TVs and mobiles.

Positive developments:

The communication vehicle – mobile has been adopted in rural areas in a big way from 3.8 percent to a striking 58.3 percent level which means people have adopted telephonic and mobile communication in a big way.

The purchasing power of the Indian consumers have increased and the proportion of the households with a vehicle may be two wheeler or four wheeler also nearly doubled from 2.5 percent to 4.7 percent. Bicycle growth is mainly grown in the rural areas where people now feel the need of personal transportation vehicle for small distances instead of waiting for public transport.

The poor are also getting better financial condition and the thatched roof level of 22 percent has fallen to the level of 15 percent. It means the development and prosperity is now penetrating over more wider areas.


The overall percentage of people without public amenities like communication, personal transport, drinking water etc went down from 25 percent to 20 percent. It means that people are now becoming more aware about the importance of these amenities.


Lagging behind:


Some sanitation aspects are still ignored. Only 47 percent of Indian households have toilets and this figure is still very low and need to be improved a lot.

It is being found that only 32 percent of Indian households have safe drinking water which means a lot need to be done in this sector as good quality drinking water is necessary for better health. Women in rural areas still have to travel long distances to get the drinking water.

The census results show that 62.5 percent rural population still use firewood as cooking fuel which have bad effect on their health and on environment too.

Only 3.1 percent of Indian population have the connection of internet with their computer. It means a lot more is desired to be done in this sector and this sector still have lot of potential.

The census data shows a mix results for the decade 2001-2011 in which we have done well in certain areas and a lot is still desired to be done in some of the areas.



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