5 states poll verdicts out - Many unexpected results

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Five States Assembly Elections 2012 has surprised many as the results are against exit Poll estimates and even many parties are finding it hard to digest these verdicts. It seems that now voters have become smart and they are preferring development agenda more than any other religious promises.

In Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) Samajwadi Party (SP)+ alliance has won 226 seats whereas BSP lagged behind with just 80 seats, BJP+ alliance with 47 seats, Cong+ alliance with 38 seats out of the total of 403. These results show that public has rejected both BJP and Congress in broader perspective. Also, BSP which had clear majority in last elections, lost the elections falling behind with a huge margin because of widespread corruption in Mayawati’s party.


It means that people have preferred the young leader Akhilesh Yadav’s agenda and approach towards the elections. They have rejected Rahul Gandhi’s ideology mainly because of the lack of full time infrastructure and availability of good regional and local leaders.

More than U.P., the election results of Punjab has surprised everyone where even the anti-incumbancy factor hasn’t worked. Akali+ alliance has won 68 seats although BJP has lost 7 seats from the last elections and won only 12 seats this time. Congress is hoping that this time they will make the government but they are able to win only 46 seats out of a total of 117 seats.

Punjab result shows that people has liked Akali alliance because of its development works in last five years. It is for the first time that Punjab people has chosen the same party for a second term.

In Uttrakhand, people’s verdict is totally a mix and it will be difficult for any party to form government in the State. Congress has won 32 seats and BJP very closely won 31 seats out of a total of 70 seats. So it will be interesting to see how the government will be formed or elections will be held again in the state.

Only in Manipur, Congress has won a clear majority with 42 seats and TMC with a distanced margin of only 7 seats out of 60 seats.

In Goa, BJP has won a clear majority by winning 26 seats whereas Congress won only 9 seats out of 40 seats.

It is difficult to find that Anna factor has played what kind of impact on these election results although they are trying to take credit of all this even Baba Ramdev is trying to take credit in U.P.

Now it will be interesting to see how both leading national parties of India – Congress & BJP, plan their strategies for the 2014 parliament elections. Both parties need to re-think their approach if they want to lead the nation in the next elections.


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