Telengana – The most workable option ahead

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The demand for separate Telengana state is there from a long time. It has taken bad shape in the form of violence many times. To analyse this issue, a committee was formed headed by retired Supreme Court judge B.N. Srikrishna.

This committee has taken into account the grievances and people’s response of the telengana region and of the other backward parts of Andhra Pradesh. After analysing many options, the committee reached on the conclusion that “constitutional/statutory measures” – centred on a Telangana Regional Council – for the “socio-economic development and political empowerment” of the region within a united Andhra Pradesh as “the best way forward.”


“Adequate transfer of funds, functions and functionaries” will be provided to this statutory and empowered Regional Council so that it can work as “a legislative consultative mechanism” for the region it is going to deal in the future. In addition, a technical body in the form of a Water Management Board and an Irrigation Project Development Corporation are also proposed for the better and more effective management of water and irrigation resources.

It seems from the recommendations of the committee that it will depend on the Central and State governments to come up with desired political and administrative plans which are desired and necessary for the development of these backward regions. Both the state and central governments need to come up with well carved out plans and their timely execution.

It appears that the Srikrishna Committee has worked hard with proper approach to suggest this option and we should praise the committee for this as the factors like socio-economic development and good governance have great importance for this region.

One concerning aspect of this decision of a united Andhra Pradesh with meaningful autonomy may lead to similar demands in other parts like Darjeeling area (Gorkhaland demand) etc.

Now it will be the responsibility of the people and political parties of Andhra Pradesh to respond in a more abstemious, just, feasible and democratic manner for a better and prosperous future of the whole Andhra Pradesh.


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