Indian Democracy – In Transition Phase

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The demand for Lokpal Bill and action taken against Baba Ramdev’s agitation or ‘ansan’ for brining back the black money, show that people in India are fed up from all time high corruption. They are now coming out in open support of such agitations and fasts.

Firstly, Anna Hazare started his fast at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to raise his voice against the corruption and demanded to formulate and pass the lokpal Bill to stop corruption and increase transparency. People from different walks of the life come out in a good number to support his cause and fight. Different media forms such print (Newspapers) and electronic media (news channels, social networking sites) gave it a good coverage and support.


All these developments created good pressure on the Indian Government and they agreed to form a committee which will have people from different walks of the life. This committee will decide the form and structure of the Lokpal Bill.

Then Baba Ramdev decided to come out to raise his voice against corruption at a larger scale in the form of agitation at Ramleela ground with a good support from the common man inside the venue and outside also. On the first day, government started the rounds of talks with him and it seems that it will be sorted with agreeing on something from both sides. But then suddenly at night, police force started taking action against the agitation. The way of this action is very surprising and shocking. The force gets the venue evacuated by using force on the people both on men and women. They captured Baba Ramdev and kept him in captivity till next afternoon and then dropped him at Dehradun.

This incident raises many questions on the action of the Central Government such as 1. Why they haven’t stopped Baba Ramdev earlier? 2. What gets so urgent that action is taken at midnight? 3. Is it the democratic, judicial and right way of taking action? 4. Why so many people got hurted on the venue, agitating peacefully?

One thing comes out of all these development that people are fed up from the corruption and now want some kind of solution which can help in controlling corruption. It also seems that people’s patience is running out and some kind of changes has become inevitable in the Indian Democracy.

Transparency levels in the system needed to be improved so that the funds allotted for different projects can be monitored and utilized properly. In democracy, people have all the rights to raise their voice peacefully and government need to understand it. It seems that Indian democracy is in a transition phase and will incorporate things which have become need of the hour.


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