10 on 10 Steps to Save our Planet

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1.    Use your air conditioner by setting it a fewer degree lower in winter and a fewer degree higher in the summer. At the end of the year, you will have a good feeling of saving energy and money both.

2.    Phase out your older technology based incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs which will provide better light, better eye protection and of course power and cost saving.

3.    Develop the habit of switching off your appliances before going out on work and switching off the main power button when going on holidays.

4.    Make it a point that you will wash clothes in cold water frequently and use washing machine a little less and when using it, will set its temperature at the lowest level and let your clothes in open may be under sunlight to get dry as 85% of energy consumed by washing machine used in heating up the water. Develop the habit of using less dry cleaning required clothes.

5.     Install less-flow shower head in your bathroom and try to avoid longer showers. Try to plant those plants in your garden which required less water and are more drought resistant. All this will help you in bringing down your water and heating bills.

6.    Avoid the usage of bottled water whenever possible as the waste bottles are a great hazard for the environment.

7.    Try to pay your maximum bills online as now a days, many online bill payment options are available as a large amount of trees sliced down to produce paper. Develop a habit of sharing your books with others and borrowing the books from others.

8.    Try to cook your food a little less as the overfried food lost its vitamins and proteins and consume more energy in doing so. Develop the habit of eating natural and vegetarian diet as the non veg. products cost a lot on production, storage and consumption.

9.    Develop the habit of keeping a bag with you when going for shopping to avoid the usage of polybags and purchase in bulk to avoid more packaging.

10.    Keep your electronic appliances as long as possible and when they become waste, donate them or recycle them.
The routinely habit of using above 10 on 10 steps can help you to have a good feeling of saving the planet for the coming generation and living a better life in a less polluted environment. So why not we give them a try from today!



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